(We Are) Nexus

Pledge Music

Make OUR experiences, YOUR experiences!


Hey Everyone!!

We’re going to be honest – we feel a little selfish… Why? Well here’s the thing: wePledge Music, we are nexus, nexus get to have these incredible experiences, such as performing on amazing stages, rolling as VIP’s, sipping exotic drinks, and traveling to really cool places!

Don’t get us wrong, it’s all really hard work, but there’s no denying the perks can be great. It’s perks like these that help keep us going and motivated, but at the center of it all is YOU! Without YOU, there is no US!

So this is about the future! The future of YOU and US – more often, in more places, and in more ways – doing kick ass things TOGETHER!

So we partnered with PledgeMusic to make these experiences available to you in a multitude of ways! From pre-ordering our new music to enjoying exclusives only available at PledgeMusic – such as being our guest at a soundcheck, appearing on stage with us, or even a private concert for just you and your friends – it’s all now at your fingertips!

We therefore pledge to bring YOU with us, to raise YOU up, to give YOU once-in-a-lifetime experiences – passing forward endless love, inspiration and goosebumps!

Much love <3

Nick & Carmen

Find out more by clicking here –> PledgeMusic.com!